Your stories

Our service has helped many people improve their quality of life by supporting them with overcoming their depression and anxiety. Simply tap or click on the boxes below to read a small sample of anonymous feedback from clients who have completed therapy.

My therapy was based on talking through my thoughts and behaviours and teaching me the skills to disregard negative thought patterns effectively.  The supplementary materials to support our conversations proved invaluable.  My therapist was very well informed, professional and made me feel completely at ease when discussing anything on my mind.  Their patience and guidance have helped me navigate my thought patterns and I now feel more relaxed and in control.

I felt sceptical at first but now I’ve been through the therapy process I have found it really helpful.

It was good to meet a mixed age group of people from different backgrounds suffering different personal mental health issues. Techniques discussed over the six week period proved to be helpful in resolving emotions and developing coping strategies.

The service was really good. It felt like I learnt something new to get better every time. What I’ve learned is don’t be afraid to ask for help. If I ever have a friend who has a problem, I’ll give them your number because I’m feeling so much better.

My therapist helped me to work through my fears teaching me many different skills which I can rely on for support and recovery. I can feel my confidence gradually improving as I relax more. I’m enjoying lots of hobbies again too, which helps me shift the mental spotlight from my worries.

I found the service to be supportive, friendly and professional.

A therapist talking with her patient.