Tuesday 10th October is World Mental Health Day

Mental Health is a universal human right.
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Your stories

Our service has helped many people improve their quality of life by supporting them with overcoming their depression and anxiety. Simply tap or click on the boxes below to read a small sample of anonymous feedback from clients who have completed therapy.

My therapy was based on talking through my thoughts and behaviours and teaching me the skills to disregard negative thought patterns effectively.  The supplementary materials to support our conversations proved invaluable.  My therapist was very well informed, professional and made me feel completely at ease when discussing anything on my mind.  Their patience and guidance have helped me navigate my thought patterns and I now feel more relaxed and in control.

I felt sceptical at first but it really helped me to get my anxiety under control. I had been having panic attacks on and off for years. I didn’t want to go out much because I was always worried about collapsing, passing out or having a heart attack. I was signed off sick from work and some days I even found it hard to go to the supermarket.

When I explained how I was feeling during my initial call, I was so surprised when they told me how common panic attacks are. She asked me some questions about how long it had been happening, what my worst fears were and what I had put in place to make day to day life more manageable.

After my assessment, I was allocated to a therapist to guide me through some modules on an online programme called Silvercloud. It meant I could do the modules easily from home and at any time I wanted, still with the support of someone looking over what I had written and giving me feedback. After I completed the 6 modules, I felt I had a better understanding of what I had been experiencing and challenged myself to go out more. I still needed a bit more help so I was offered some face to face sessions and by the end of it I was able to manage much better. I wouldn’t have made the changes I did without the support of a therapist to guide me. I wish I had referred myself sooner

It was good to meet a mixed age group of people from different backgrounds suffering different personal mental health issues. Techniques discussed over the six week period proved to be helpful in resolving emotions and developing coping strategies.

The service was really good. It felt like I learnt something new to get better every time. What I’ve learned is don’t be afraid to ask for help. If I ever have a friend who has a problem, I’ll give them your number because I’m feeling so much better.

I contacted the service because I’d been feeling really stressed out with daily life, looking after the children, the pressures of working, keeping the house tidy, staying on top of paying bills. There was no time to do anything for myself and I found myself snapping at people around me.

I referred myself online and within a couple of days I had a half an hour call with a member of the talking therapies team who really listened to how I was feeling and asked me some questions about how I was coping. After that call, they booked me in with a therapist who I met with once a week for 30 minutes. She helped me to develop new ways of managing my thoughts, being creative with ways to still look after myself even when life gets stressful. This helped me to sleep better and improved the relationship with my friends, family and co-workers.

I found the service to be supportive, friendly and professional.

A therapist talking with her patient.